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    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Edinburgh Reviews

    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Edinburgh Reviews

    Dear Luqman

    You sent 4 end of tenancy cleaners to do a job for our 6 bedroom house in Edinburgh. It is a large property and we had to sell it. We decided to get it cleaned after our tenants had moved out. 4 staff members which came to do the job finished the entire work in 7 hours and they did a fantastic job

    Our carpets, upholstery, cooker were spotless and we were very pleased with the price, service and commitment


    Sarah J. James & Andy James
    Edinburgh, Scotland

    This review is for End Of Tenancy Cleaning Edinburgh, Scotland which was submitted by a user online

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    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Edinburgh Reviews
    Their house cleaning prices are cheaper than most London based cleaning companies
    Sandra JamesRichmond, UK