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    <p>Thank you for contacting us for cleaning services</p>

    Thank you for contacting us for cleaning services

    This is a confirmation that we have received your “Email” for the cleaning service you require; our sales executives will call you back or write you an email as soon as possible.

    However if you need cleaning done in emergency, please contact us on

    24×7 Helpline:                       07506 709450

    Free Phone:                          0800 689 8989
    Fax:                                       0845 127 5555



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    Simply the best cleaners in London, have hired them number of times, no complaints to report, punctual, friendly and above all they know what they are doing. In my opinion “Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd” is one of the best cleaning company in London Thank you and good work as always! Balham, London
    Mrs Stacey Robinson