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    <p>Weekend End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services</p>

    Weekend End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services

    Weekend End of Tenancy Cleaning

    If a cleaning company is trying to charge you more money for doing end of tenancy cleaning on the weekend then you better contact your local end of tenancy cleaners on 07506 709450 or from abroad on +44 7506 709450


    If you are moving out of your current property and require it cleaned. You do not have to pay any extra charges what so ever even if you require your end of tenancy cleaning to be done over the weekend, i.e. Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday, so you should not fall for that trick where a cleaning company is asking you for more money just because it was weekend.


    Please note, an end of tenancy cleaning company should provide you with complete cleaning products, materials and equipment, should be fully insured and vetted but also provide you with a professional and certified end of tenancy cleaning invoice (receipt) as part of their service. You as a tenant, landlord or estate agent should request a professional end of tenancy cleaning certificate (invoice / receipt) before they come to carryout your end of tenancy cleaning job which will help you know and understand what services you could expect. Not just that, this will give you their company details, contact numbers, email, website address and their guarantee in written format.


    It is highly suggested that once you have received an invoice of tenancy cleaning certificate, you email it to your estate agent, landlord or your housing organisation and ask if they will be able to accept this company’s service, standards and the services itemised on the invoice.

    Most end of tenancy cleaning companies unfortunately do not hold certifications i.e with tenancy deposit schemes or have a very little experience this is where your rental deposit could be at severe risk.


    As one of the best end of tenancy cleaning company in London and other UK locations, we always suggest customers that it’s not a matter of paying £10 or £20 less, it’s about ensuring your end of tenancy cleaning company has the right insurances, certifications, correct products, materials and equipment but also an intensive end of tenancy cleaning checklist. But most important the end of tenancy cleaning guarantee for over couple of days helping you ask them to come back if your estate agent, landlord or inventory clerk were to flag issues with the end of tenancy cleaning serviced by that cleaning company!

    As a landlord, tenant and estate agent you could very well avoid end of tenancy cleaning poor standards by hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaning company with a great approach, great communication, quick invoicing and that too itemised invoicing, great reviews, over 6 years experience and same end of tenancy cleaning cost be it over the weekend, normal days, bank holidays or even Xmas and New Year and so on.

    As one of the most recommended end of tenancy cleaning company in England, Wales and Scotland and the only one that covers the entire country and have local end of tenancy cleaners in your local neighbourhood, we are open 7 days a week, year round!

    You will be amazed how we as the most trusted end of tenancy cleaning company, we could ensure your rental deposit not being at risk.

    We also provide below services:

    – Professional carpet cleaning services
    – Upholstery Cleaning
    – Pet Fumigation Services
    – After Builders Cleaning
    – Minor Fixes in your property when you move in or move out
    – Painting and Decoration and Handyman works

    We also specialise in moving in cleaning and could offer a detailed move in cleaning service in the property you are moving into plus you get a further 20% discount on moving home cleaning!

    Honest and Legit End Of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

    Before you hire our end of tenancy cleaning service, you may always feel free to call us on 07506 709450 or on 0800 689 8989 in order to discuss your property. It takes only couple of minutes and this helps us ensure that we offer the right end of tenancy cleaning service with your estate agent and their quality standards in mind. This also helps us train our staff for individual requirements.

    Any problem?
    Just call us and we will sort it out, unlike some cleaning companies we do not just want your money one time but we want to make you our customer for life, a company you could always trust and recommend to your loved ones. A business which never lets you down, if there’s a problem, speak to us and we will put it right without if’s and but’s! It’s as simple as that.

    Visit for more information regarding end of tenancy cleaning services, move out and move in cleaning services and for professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services today!

    Thanks for stopping by and hope it will help you choose the right end of tenancy cleaning business if you would require last minute end of tenancy cleaning service or on a short notice – there are and there will be no extra charges. If you were let down by a cleaning company, just give us a call and we will quite happily sort it out without a problem. It’s that easy!


    Have a pleasant move!

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    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Oxford Reviews = Dear Luqman, A big thank you for offering us an amazing end of tenancy cleaning services in Oxford on Saturday. Your staff was really a pleasure to work with. They even dropped us at our new property. I can safely say, I have found professional end of tenancy cleaners in Oxford for highly affordable prices. You guys were stars! I would not hesitate to recommend your end of tenancy cleaning oxford services to my friends and family! If you guys are in town, please join us on lunch sometime! See ya! Luciana Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK
    End Of Tenancy Cleaning Oxford Reviews