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    Your Local Cleaning Company stains workshop part 2

    Your Local Cleaning Company stains workshop part 2

    Stains Workshop Part II

    Your local cleaning company in London and Surrey is always happy to help our lovely local residents, residential and commercial customers learn how they can remove stains for free from their walls, floors, carpets, clothes and even furniture.

    Follow easy to apply instructions and see how it goes.

    Different stains call for different treatments – and they needn’t always use harsh chemicals. Why not try some of the following tips to restore cherished belongings at a cheap cost and with little effort?

    In this second blog in a series of three, we look at some common food stains. Always check washing instructions on the stained item and follow them appropriately.

    Perform a pre-test on a hidden area first and seek professional specialist advice if you are concerned.

    1. Chocolate: wash affected area in lukewarm, soapy water. Rub some glycerine into any remaining stain (working from the back of the fabric to avoid pushing the chocolate further into the fibres), leave for one hour, then wash in cool water, mixed with a few drops of ammonia.

    2. Jam: try this old fashioned remedy. Add two teaspoons of vinegar to a pint of hot water. Dip the stain in the solution, then place the fabric on a clean, folded towel. Keep dabbing the stain, especially around the edges until it is wiped away.

    3. Beetroot: tackle this tricky stain by soaking a piece of bread in water and dabbing it on both sides of the stained cloth. The bread absorbs the red colour, making it easier to wash the stain out afterwards.

    4. Mayonnaise: apply a little glycerine or dry-cleaning fluid before washing in tepid water.

    5. Grease and oil: For any oily stain, try applying some talcum powder to the area, leaving to dry for five minutes then brushing it off to help absorb some of the grease. This is also good for fabrics and surfaces that cannot be so easily washed.

    6. Tomato: soak in tepid water containing a little vinegar for at least half an hour. Rub gently at the spot, the repeat if necessary. The important thing here is not to add any heat.

    7. Mustard: this can be particularly tricky and not only can a mustard stain spread further than you might think, but it also contains ingredients that can dye the fabric is comes into contact with. Blot the stain as soon as you can. Pretreat it with a commercial spot cleaner, then soak in colour-safe bleach and cold water.

    8. Chewing gum: ok, not perhaps a food, but it still remains a popular thing to chew on, and can cause real damage in the wrong place. To remove unwanted gum, place an ice cube on the gum, or, if possible thrown the item in the freezer for a while to freeze and harden the gum. Then, scrape as much gum as you can off, before applying white vinegar and cleaning as normal.

    If you need advice on something which is not covered above, then simply call your cleaning agency in London and Surrey for free advice. Our chatty and friendly support representatives are always happy to advice – and we promise not to charge even a single penny.

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